"Launching a $3.3 million capital campaign was one of the biggest decisions the YW has ever made. Our success in exceeding that goal and raising $4 million has transformed the future of the YWCA.

HunterKemper Consulting was there every step of the way."

Holly Jones
Executive Director
YWCA of Asheville
Her future is made today.
Is it worth your investment?

A major fundraising campaign offers a wide range of opportunities to an organization. Not only do capital campaigns raise funds that impact the long-term vision and well being of an organization, they provide critical opportunities to build volunteer and organizational capacity, to educate a broader audience and to enhance relationships with donors.

At HunterKemper Consulting, we provide strategic advice and practical implementation that leads to meeting and exceeding your fundraising goals. We create with you a customized campaign plan that maximizes the resources available for the project, and we provide a clear and concise approach to project management that keeps the process moving yet remains attentive to the countless details.

"I look back at what we did and realize that we could not have done it without you. You coached us through it all. We raised more than we set out to raise and, though I'd never have guessed it could have been, it was actually a fun thing to do.


Thank you so much for being incredible guides."


Laurey Masterton
YWCA Board President
during the capital campaign